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IVAO Italy Division


Welcome to the IVAOTM (International Virtual Aviation Organisation) Italy Division website.


IVAOTM provides all users, for free, the tools to create a very realistic flying simulation environment. This includes, a real-time system for online flying (as pilot) and controlling (as air traffic controller), databases with aviation information, and organizing training and online events.


New users: IVAOTM allows you to fly or control in the most realistic environment available - with real world weather and ATC. You can join immediately for free clicking here.

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E' rivolto ai neo iscritti o a coloro che hanno intenzione di iscriversi a IVAO e sarà attivo in questo primo momento estivo il lunedì, dalle ore 21 alle ore 22:30 locali, sul server CC di Team Speak, canale "IT-Help desk Newbie". Naturalmente con cadenza settimanale.
Vista la novità dell'operazione, si richiede cortesemente una email di presenza a, onde evitare sovraffollamenti in canale e relativa perdita di comprensione e interesse.
Gli argomenti sui quali gli interessati potranno informarsi sono i classici dei newbie (connessione TS, installazione MTL, IVAP, chat, nettiquette sia come pilota che come ATC, suggerimenti per primi voli e sessioni di controllo, regolamento IVAO).
Per maggiori info contattate Roberto Candido IT-TC.
La prossima serata si svolgerà lunedì, 22 Settembre.


Roma Caput Mundi 2014 Print E-mail




After the successful 2013 edition, one of the most important and beautiful event of the Italian division returns: the Roma Caput Mundi - Real Flight Event will take place on Sunday, september 21st 2013 from 13 UTC to 19 UTC at the airports of Rome Fiumicino (LIRF) and Rome Ciampino (LIRA).

With more than 350 real inbound and outbound flights you can book throughout 6 hours with full ATC service, this event will be an exciting Sunday for all pilots and ATC participating.

Using the Scheduling System you have the possibility to book the flight/s that you would like to fly duing the event (of course avoiding to overlap the booked flights): 

To schedule your flights please go HERE

Italy Online Day Print E-mail


New sector file Print E-mail


New SECTOR FILE 1408 v 1.0


The new Italy sector file updated to AIRAC 1407 effective 18/09/2014 is available in the "Downloads" section of the website. 

GCA (Guest Controller Approval) Programme Print E-mail


The IT- Division participate to the GCA (Guest Controller Approval) programme requiring, for user belonging to other divisions, an approval before the user itself is allowed to control a FRA restricted position.

14/10/2012: changes in the requirements to obtain the GCA have been made.


All the info can be found at this page in the ATC section of the website. 

Training ATC Print E-mail


Training is an integral part of a virtual air traffic controller "career"; without it, it won't be possible to form the Center Controllers (rating ACC or C3), pride of each division on the network.

For this reason and to give more impetus and a boost to those who are reluctant to take exams on IVAO, we decided to make it in a more user-friendly form.
In order to make the training more personal and specific for user needs, this will be handled directly by FIRs CH/ACH closely with the local trainers.

In this way, the user making a training request, will deal always with the same people throughout his training course, enriching his knowledges while receiving tips and explanations from people knowing thoroughly the area involved, thus providing more immediate and comprehensive explanations.

Division Awards Print E-mail


In the membership section of the website you will find all the information related to the Italy division awards active at the moment like the "Pilot Award" to support ATC practical exams and the "ATC Awards" 2009, soon replaced by the 2010 version. You will find the rules and regulation, links to the report page and the list of the positions valid for the ATC Award.